Hospital Management System | React Js and Firebase

Description: This Hospital management system application software is built upon React Js and Firebase. Admin can easily manage their Hospitals or clinics with this software.
It includes 14+ modules. 6 modules to manage their hospital employee ( Doctors, Nurses, Laboratories, Pharmacist, Accountant, Receptionist ), One Module for patients management, and 6 Modules to manage their hospital internal things (Medicines, Blood Bag, Bed Allotment, Operation Report, Birth Report, Death Report) and 2 modules to manage payments.nts.


Password: 123456

This is Login Page with Firebase Auth

This is the main dashboard page

Patient page contains all patient details. here admin can add update and delete the patient details.

Admin can add the patient through filling a form. which includes all about patient details. this add person form is also open when the admin adds an employee other

Admin can delete an employee by pressing the delete button. this button popup a dialog box that is a confirmation dialog box.

This is an edit person form. admin can edit any patients and employee details by pressing an edit button.

Bed Allotment page contains all patient lists. where admin can allot and discharge bed to patients

This is blood bag page. where adin can update a blood bag count

This page contains all information about medicine. where admin can add update and delete Medicines

The birth allotment page contains all lists of patients where admin can allot a berth report to any patient. the operation and death report pages also work with the same functionality.

In the payroll page, the admin can add delete and update the payment details. this page also generates a payment receipt.

Admin can generate a payment to their employee with this page.

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